My writinbookwormg projects. I tend to abandon one in favour of another pretty regularly. I’m fickle like that. Speak to the Mad Hatter if you have any questions.

A God With No Name
Soul exertions and the death of sacred tongues

An examination of religious language in the ancient world and the ‘contractual’ relationship between man and the divine observed in sacred texts, carmens and litanies. Details and an informal background can be found here.

Lustered in Gold, Sheeted in Fire
The prophetic tribe of 19th century visionaries

A look at the fin de siècle with a particular examination of  the lives of Baudelaire, Swinburne, Moreau and Huysmans.


The misadventures of a speed-addict bookseller in present day London. Its completion is scheduled for whenever I can be bothered to chew through the leather straps.